Interview Tips for Advanced Practice Nurses

Telephone Interview Tips for PNPs:  The #1 goal of a telephone interview is to receive an invitation for an in-person interview. Prior to the telephone call, be sure to do your research – read up on the facility, the person who will conduct the interview, and any specific interests or specialties you can find, such as research, awards, etc. If you are interviewing with a hospital, look up the unit in which you are applying, and any pertinent information that pertains to that pediatric unit.

During a telephone interview, it is important to carefully listen to the question presented by the interviewer, and focus exclusively on answering that specific question. Be prepared to answer questions regarding your nursing experience, and why you would be a good fit for the job. It is also very important to be able to express your high-level of enthusiasm for the job opportunity. Be sure to have one or two questions ready to ask, such as: Can you explain the role and responsibilities of this advanced practice nursing position? What are the demographics of this particular unit, in regards to size, number of patients, and culture? Any questions you can save for an in-person interview are worth saving.

To close the interview, ask the interviewer when he/she expects to get back to you. When given the timeframe, ask if you may follow-up with them directly, in the event that you do not hear back a day or two past the projected response date.

The key is to do your research ahead of time, speak slow and clear, and express your passion and desire for the job.  You'll do great! 

Check back for more information on topics such as, how to talk about compensation, benefits, holidays, and time off.

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