Age Parameters for APRNs

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, or APRNs, are a highly valued and integral part of our nation’s health care system.  The classification of an APRN includes certified registered nurse anesthetists, certified nurse-midwives, clinical nurse specialists and certified nurse practitioners.  As the demand for APRNs rapidly increases, the education, accreditation, certification, licensure, and the roles of APRNs continue to evolve as well.    The LACE Network recently released a statement addressing Age Parameters for APRNs.  In this statement, “the Consensus Model for APRN Regulation advocates for services and care to be defined by patient needs. Therefore, a rigid establishment of population age parameters is not in the best interest of patients.   The definition of a population identified by specific age ranges may create barriers and limit access to care for patients with specific needs or health conditions.” 

As our nation approaches a significant physician shortage, APRNs are vital to the solution.  This is an important step in expanding patient access to APRNs and reducing the health care barriers to those in need. 

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