Wilmington Deleware Nemours Children's Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Job

Wilmington, DE Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Job
Dupont Nemours Children's Hospital

Job Description for Dupont Nemours PNP Gastroenterology
Dupont Nemours Children’s Hospital of Wilmington, Delaware, has an exciting opportunity with a new opening in their Gastroenterology Department as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. The Gastroenterology Department offers a range of Pediatric services that include intestinal biopsy, endoscopy, sclerotherapy, foreign body removal, and intestinal manometry to name a few. Dupont Nemours Pediatrics is one of the premier programs in the United States, having been established by the well-known Alfred DuPont in the early part of the 20th century and remaining at the forefront of health care in the Pediatric field ever since. DuPont Nemours is looking for a highly-motivated, detail oriented, and friendly nurse that can operate with relative autonomy while working in cohesion with the rest of the staff. Do not miss this incredible opportunity to be part of a world class health care facility that will continue to practice at the front of the Pediatric Health Care Community for years to come.

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