Dupont Nemours Children's Hospital, Wilmington, DE

Nemours Children’s Hospital Description
Dupont Nemours Children’s Hospital was incorporated in 1936 with an endowment from a charitable organization to provide care to children. It has since flourished, fast becoming one of the largest Children’s Hospital networks in the United States. 4,500 health care professionals at Nemours provided care for over 230,000 patients in 2006 alone. The culture of service, honor, and excellence at Nemours has allowed them to reach the top of the Pediatric field. KidsHealth, one of the most visited children’s health websites in the world, is just one of the major steps Nemours Children’s Hospital has taken provide for youth across the globe and truly illustrates the level of commitment they have to providing the best possible health care for their patients. Dupont Nemours Children’s Hospital sets the standard in the health care industry, and with their superb funding and commitment to delivering the highest quality in the world, they look to be at the top of the medical field for years to come.
City Description for Wilmington Delaware
Wilmington Delaware is one of the largest corporate centers in the United States and is located at the junction of Brandywine Creek and the Christina River, which tributary into the greater Delaware River. The Riverfront District along the Christina River has recently undergone a revitalization that has included new high rise residential buildings and an eclectic mix of restaurants and fine shopping. With over fifty percent of the Fortune 500 maintaining offices in the downtown area, Wilmington has a well-maintained veneer that allows this small but prodigious city to enjoy a high quality of life. Four state parks sprawl across its city limits, one of which includes a zoo and one a recreational stadium. Under twenty-five miles from Philadelphia and with access to nearby beaches and many major cities on the East Coast, Wilmington has ingress to the all of the eases of a larger city while affording its residents the comforts offered by a less populated city.


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