Pediatric Pulmonary Transitional Care Units on the Rise in Children's Hospitals

Children’s hospitals are seeing an increasing number of infants, children and adolescents with pulmonary conditions who are dependent on ventilators to breathe.  Care requirements and procedures are evolving and changing also, as many patients improve to the point where they are able to be discharged from the pediatric intensive care unit, but they are not well enough to go home.  In addition, once ventilator dependent patients do go home, it is not uncommon for them to require further hospitalization from time to time, and up until now, the only place for them once they are re-admitted is the pediatric intensive care unit.  At times, this creates a shortage of beds for other seriously ill patients requiring care in the PICU.

In an effort to provide the specialized care in the best possible environment, several children’s hospitals are creating separate pulmonary transitional care units where patients on ventilator support can receive necessary care and treatment until they are discharged from the hospital setting.  Many of the units are staffed with nurse practitioners and physician assistants who are experienced in the pulmonary care of ventilator dependent patients.  Some of these hospitals include:
Bridging the gap from neonatal or pediatric intensive care to a transitional care unit is a successful strategy to provide rehabilitative care and support for patients with lung disease.  The hope is that with the support of children’s hospitals for the specialized care needed, patients can make a successful transition from hospital care to home care with their families as care providers.

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