Multidisciplinary Teams: How do we get there?

While the current mandates for restricted work hours for residents and fellows are giving them much needed relief from their long shifts, the resulting shortage of providers and the elevated importance of quality and patient safety measures produce new challenges for multidisciplinary teams. Traditional models of care will no longer be enough to provide safe, effective, and efficient patient care.  New, strategic, team focused-collaborations will drive “Multidisciplinary Teamwork” oriented solutions.

To alleviate this shortage and address quality initiatives, a team of Advanced Practice Providers (Advanced Practice Nurses and Physician Assistants) and residents in collaboration with the attending physician will be the new “Hybrid Model of Care,” according to Joshua Koch, MD, Medical Director of the CICU at the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at UT Southwestern Medical Center.  His vision of bridging the gap with Advanced Practice Providers to provide quality medical care is gaining attention as he makes the case that hospitals must utilize nurse practitioners and physician assistants in new roles. 

Traditionally, APPs worked in clinic settings or specialty units such as the NICU, but they are qualified for and are moving into areas of all medical specialties as a result of their advanced education and clinical experience and expertise. The addition and expansion of the Advanced Practice Provider role on multidisciplinary teams brings new challenges and opportunities to achieve the highest quality and outcomes.

Dr. Koch spoke at the 2013 Pediatric Critical Care Colloquium, last November 2-5, in Washington, DC.  You can view Dr. Koch's presentation here to learn more about his ideas on building and implementing multidisciplinary APP teams including the importance of training, leadership, teamwork, and communication strategies, and more.  Not only is his focus on the needs of today, but his vision includes ongoing professional development, education, and research to provide strategies to bridge the gap now and in the future.

Melnic Consulting Group works with children’s hospitals nationwide to provide highly skilled Advanced Practice Providers (APPs-Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants).  We have the unique opportunity to learn from the challenges and successes in the implementation of “Multidisciplinary Teamwork.”  Please see the following resources as you seek to grow and develop your teams:
APP Teams and Care Coordination Framework, Josh Koch, MD
Advanced Practice Provider Retention Strategies

To inquire about these jobs visit Melnic Consulting Group or contact: Jill Gilliland 800-886-7906 jill@melnic.com

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