8 Key Elements to Advanced Practice Provider Retention

Recommendations for Retention Strategies for Advanced Practice Providers(APPs = Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants)
1. Set up a strong orientation program including the following:
  • Begin the program 4-6 months before full patient load days, add another 2-3 months for nights for NPs(Nurse Practitioners), and 12 months for PAs (Physician Assistants).
  • Assign a preceptor-best to have a physician either as a resource, preceptor or mentor.
  • Assign a mentor, a trusted confidant who will hear some of the fears and concerns, give constructive advice and direct the new hire on solving the problems.
  • Give time and training on the EMR system.
  • Give 10% administrative time, initially for studying and didactic learning. Going forward, they would use that time for professional development, research, working on quality or nurse education projects.
  • Have the APP shadow in related units and services. For example, when training a CVICU APP have them shadow in the cath lab, with anesthesia in OR (learning to do procedures while shadowing anesthesia is very beneficial to their role in the CVICU), radiology, and other related units.
  • Allow the APP to practice within the full scope of their role and do procedures.
  • Establish a clear role definition and communicate this role to the multidisciplinary team members. (Each member should be clear on their role on the team.)
  • Use simulation for competency and skill building (ongoing).
  • Work together to build “Multidisciplinary Teamwork” into the environment with a focus on education, training, leadership, and communication strategies
2. Competitive salary: $90,000 - $95,000 (locally); $100,000 nationally (specifically Texas).

3. Competitive relocation package: $3500 - $5000; includes area tour, dinner the night before with APP(s), shadow during interview.

4. Unit APP Manager support for orientation program development, relationship support and role definition for physician and fellows, as a continuous process of growing a mutually respectful and supportive multidisciplinary team.

5. Development and addition of a Director of Advanced Practice who has a seat at the medical group leadership table, works with the C-level leadership to capture APP billing opportunities, and develops productivity measurements for APPs.

6. Acknowledge and address the transition process and its challenges (possibly monthly or quarterly discussion topics) for new grads as they transition from RN to PNP.

7. Pay licensing fees, CEUs, conferences.

8. Encourage professional development, presentations, talks, papers both individually and with the  multidisciplinary team.

To inquire more about APP retention strategies visit Melnic Consulting Group or contact: Jill Gilliland 800-886-7906 jill@melnic.com

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