ARNP Scope of Practice - Iowa Supreme Court Makes Landmark Decision

Iowa Nursing practice recently achieved a “big win” as the Iowa Supreme Court issued a landmark decision ruling that the Iowa Board of Nursing maintains authority to define the scope of Nursing Practice in Iowa, not medical organizations.  The American Nurses Association issued a news release explaining that the appeal by three nursing organizations was prompted by an Iowa District Court judge’s ruling that supervision of fluoroscopy was not “recognized by the medical…profession as proper to be performed by the registered nurse,” as required by Iowa Nursing Law.  The ANA news release quoted ANA President, Karen A. Daley, PhD, RN, RAAN, “In today’s high-demand health care environment, we need nurses and all other health care professionals working to the top level of their capabilities and licenses  The court’s decision will help Iowans get the health care services they need in a timely, efficient, and effective way."      

In an article written by Lynn Boes - INA Legal Counsel, posted on the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action website, Boes’ included the following noted by the Iowa Supreme Court: “if the District Court’s ruling were to be upheld, it would fundamentally alter the nursing profession, as well as healthcare within Iowa, by allowing physician associations to have absolute veto power over any proposed new nursing rule, regardless of the actual opinions of Iowa physicians and of the actions of Iowa physicians in their privileging of nurses to perform various practices.”

Boes wrote, “this is a win for Iowa patients and Iowa healthcare in general and Iowa nursing practice specifically!” 

Melnic Consulting Group supports the Campaign for Action, and is a strong advocate for Advanced Practice Nurses and the nursing community. 

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