PNP Primary Care Jobs

PNP Primary Care Jobs!
Are you an experienced Primary Care PNP?  Then consider your new job opportunities...

Melnic Consulting Group has several exciting new Primary Care PNP jobs, including full-time and part-time opportunities as well as a fun and rewarding opportunity at a unique camp for ill children.  If your experience, specialties, and credentials align well with these job descriptions, you may be a great fit for one of these outstanding positions.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care - Peoria, AZ
Exciting part-time or full-time position for an experienced Pediatric Nurse Practitioner to join this dedicated team that provides compassionate, comprehensive pediatric medical care (sick, preventive and well) for patients from birth through eighteen years of age, working with parents to help raise happy healthy children and treating each child as if they were their own.  The Nurse Practitioner in this role performs physicals, makes diagnoses and recommends treatment or appropriate referrals in addition to ordering diagnostic and laboratory tests and recommending pharmacological agents and treatments. This is a great opportunity to join a busy practice that is affiliated with four nearby hospitals.  This practice is located in the Sonoran Desert area of Arizona in a city that was recently named one of the 100 best places in the U.S. to live.   Learn more and apply today >>
Nursing Director at Camp for Ill Children - California
This is a truly amazing opportunity for an experienced pediatric nurse manager to become the Director of Nursing at a summer camp for seriously ill children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses.   This nurse leader will be responsible for nursing care at the camp that includes hiring summer nurses, coordinating volunteer nurses, and tracking medications and supplies.  Additional responsibilities include inventory, budgeting, scheduling and overall management of nursing care and medical needs for those attending the camp.  This position requires the Director to be on the grounds full time during the summer months, and part time with flexibility during the remaining eight months of the year during family weekends and events.   Benefits include malpractice, medical and dental coverage in addition to living expenses while at the camp.

The camp opened in 2003, providing a safe environment for children with special needs that gives them the opportunity to succeed and experience camp the way that other kids do.  In addition to traditional summer recreational activities, there are components for classes in academics and the performing arts and other activities.  Interested?  Find out more >>
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner - Primary Care - Klamath Falls, OR
This is a great opportunity for a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care to join this pediatric practice that provides excellent primary and acute health care to patients ranging from newborns to adolescents in the beautiful northwest area of the U.S. This practice has a large special needs population, mostly attended to by the physicians, while the Nurse Practitioner performs physicals, makes diagnoses and recommends treatment or appropriate referrals in addition to ordering diagnostic and laboratory tests and recommending pharmacological agents and treatments. The practice is seeking applicants with Emergency or Urgent Care background for treating patients that require suturing, blood draws, etc. The PNP in this primary care practice will normally see 15-20 patients per day, occasionally more on the busiest days during the winter months. They are currently transitioning to an EMR system that will improve workflow and reduce paperwork, enhancing the care they provide their patients.  Read more>>

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner - Primary Care - Fort Worth, TX
Consider joining this group of physicians dedicated to providing outstanding primary care to infants, children and adolescents. Using your pediatric nursing experience as a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant, you will collaborate with physicians in their private office setting, performing patient histories, assessments, diagnoses and interventions, ordering lab tests and prescribing medications, while developing your own volume of patients and covering for physicians during their absence. The PNP or PA in this primary care role provides general and preventative care meeting wellness and illness needs up to and including hospital admission/discharge, and supervises office clinical personnel as needed. This is a half-time, evenings position that is benefit eligible.  More on this PNP Primary Care Job >>

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care - The Woodlands (Houston), TX
We have an exciting part-time position for a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner working four shifts per month (two must be weekend shifts) in this comprehensive pediatric clinic where board certified physicians provide excellent primary and acute health care for patients ranging in age from infants to teens. Responsibilities of the PNP in this Primary Care position include histories, assessments, diagnoses and treatment of patients in this family friendly environment.  Acute care certification is not required for this per diem position.

To inquire about these jobs visit Melnic Consulting Group or contact: Jill Gilliland 800-886-7906 jill@melnic.com

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