Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Sample Resume for New Grads

PNP recruiters are often not familiar with the Masters of Nursing programs that PNP job candidates have attended.  This is particularly true if the candidate attended an out-of-state Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program.   When developing your resume, it is a good idea to provide an outline of the program you attended.  Include a detailed list of your clinical experience so that potential employers can see the size of the unit/volume of facility, the amount of time spent in each location, the procedures performed, and the acuity level of the patients.

Pam Rush, Recruitment Manager at Melnic Consulting Group, is an expert in developing and editing Advanced Practice Nursing resumes.  With over 14 years of recruiting experience, both in the agency and corporate setting, Pam knows what PNP recruiters are looking for when sifting through resumes.  Before submitting PNP candidates to the top children’s hospitals in the nation, Pam works with Melnic’s candidates to ensure that their resumes accurately highlight the skills, assets, and experiences that appeal most to PNP employers.   

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More PNP Resume Tips for New Grads:
• Typically hiring authorities are looking for more information regarding clinical rotations; the number of hours for each, the unit size and acuity, and procedures performed. Clinical rotations should look very similar to your work history - with the location and the bulleted list underneath to explain your experience.
• Bullet your experience under each job; it is easier to review and better highlights your accomplishments.
• Watch your spacing and make sure everything lines-up; all dates should have the same location in conjunction with the job title.
• Make sure your spelling and grammar is correct.  Have someone read over your resume prior to sending it to a potential employer. 

To inquire about PNP jobs visit Melnic Consulting Group or contact: Jill Gilliland 800-886-7906 jill@melnic.com

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