Chief Nursing Informatics Officer - Emerging Role for Nurse Leaders

An exciting and essential new role is emerging in the Nursing Leadership space.  Now, more than ever, there is a rise in both the opportunity and demand for the Chief Nursing Informatics Officer (CNIO) to become a crucial addition to the executive leadership of hospital-based organizations.  While the role is not yet standardized across the industry, and is still unclear in terms of title, salary, responsibilities, and reports, the necessity for nursing informatics leadership has never been more crystal clear.  During a period of significant challenges to the healthcare system, the demand for efficiencies and quality is paramount. The Chief Nursing Informatics Officer has the opportunity to lead the role of nursing to optimize care and drive down costs through data driven decision analysis and support.

Now is the time for nurses to “get a seat at the informatics table,” according to industry experts and clinical informaticists leaders.  Organizations are seeing the CNIO play a key role in not only coordinating IT efforts in nursing but also in care coordination across the board.  Technology continues to play an integral part of advancing the hospital system, and as more organizations move to Electronic Health Records, or EHRs, and demand for improvement of care documentation continues to increase, nurses will be at the core of this technology movement.  For experienced nursing leaders, this is an incredible opportunity to make a difference in this changing healthcare environment - and as an executive level position, the salary is often paying $200,000-plus!  

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View these Nursing Informatics jobs:

Pediatric Chief Nursing Informatics Officer – CNIO – Midwest Region, US
Pediatric Nurse Manager, Research Informatics - Mountain West Region, US

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