Mobile Medicine Nurse Pracititoner

Bellingham Nurse Practitioner Bicycles to Treat her Patients at Their Homes and Workplaces
Bellingham Herald (WA) (10/18/10) Kahn, Dean

In Bellingham, Wash., nurse practitioner Jody Hoppis started the Mobile Medicine service, which involves visiting patients at their homes and workplaces by bicycle, using a specially designed bike trailer to carry supplies. Hoppis says this service allows patients to save on the time, expense, and hassle of getting to a clinic by making her available by phone or email. Hoppis says she keeps her overhead low, allowing her to spend up to an hour with patients. As a nurse practitioner, she performs physical examinations, diagnoses and treats illnesses and chronic health problems, prescribes medications and therapies, orders diagnostic tests, and refers patients to specialists, if needed. Nearly all of Hoppis' calls are made by bike, unless weather or distance is a concern.


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