Pediatric Nurse Certification Board Exam PNCB

Pediatric Nurse Certification Board Exam PNCB

Studying for the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB) Exam
While it's normal to fear taking the PNCB Exam, the key is not to panic and to remember you have been taking and passing exams all through school to get to this point in your career. Following are some suggestions that will help you prepare.

Allow Enough Time to Prepare Properly
Give yourself at least six – eight weeks to study. Create a schedule of topics you will study each day and stick to your schedule. This will prevent you from, focusing on the more familiar material first and having to cram the material you are less familiar with as the exam gets closer. After two hours of study, your retention will start to decline, so plan to only study two hours a day, and be sure to take a break after the first hour. more...

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