What is the Impact of the Economy on Recruiting?

What is Impact of Economy on HR and Recruiting?

What is the Impact of the Economy on Recruiting?

In the human resources arena, the dilemma has always been how to get the highest quality candidates in the shortest period of time in order to provide a seamless operation of the actual health care center. One common misconception with employee placement and recruiting in any sector is that using outside assistance to find the best candidate is more costly than using internal resources. Within the Health Care Community, the perception that using a health care recruiting company is no different. While many larger recruiting services offer candidates with a wide range of credentials and experience levels, almost none focus on specific aspects of the health care community. Conversely, while many smaller recruiting services offer specific hands-on involvement in the individual recruitment, they lack the resources to provide effective candidates on a consistent basis.

The difference at Melnic Consulting Group is that it is just the right size. With a specific focus on Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists and Health Care Administrators, Melnic offers a personal touch in the difficult process of recruitment. At the same time, Melnic has a database of over 10,000 qualified candidates from across the United States that it updates regularly. While most positions take months to even find quality candidates, Melnic Consulting's vast resources allow it to meet the needs of large health centers and local clinics alike. Melnic's dynamic approach to nurse placement not only provides excellent candidates, but ultimately saves human resource departments money by greatly reducing the time each position remains unfilled. In this economy, the question has become not whether health care companies can afford to use resources like Melnic Consulting Group but for how long they can afford not to.

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