Post-Master’s ACPNP Program UCSF

Post-Master’s ACPNP Program UCSF

Congratulations to Mary McCulley at USCF School of Nursing. She has her first Post-Master's ACPNP Program student now. Students start in the spring (early April), and they can be done by the end of March the next year. Two states, Texas and Arizona, require the Acute Care Certification, ACPNP, for any critical care jobs. For Oncology jobs, many hospitals require you complete your certification within two years of employment. Many other hospitals strongly encourage the certification.

This exciting online program is highly recommended for any PNP who is interested in critical care units such as surgery, ICU's, trauma and the ER. Clinical hours can be arranged distantly, if they have a contract with the institution. There are some condensed courses, and soon almost all of them will be either condensed or online.

Please see full flyer for the Post-Master's ACPNP Program at UCSF at http://www.melnic.com/advanced-practice-nursing-pediatric-jobs.php. Contact Mary McCulley at 415-502-8159, mary.mcculley@nursing.ucsf.edu

To inquire about PNP, Peds advanced practice and nursing leadership jobs visit Melnic Consulting Group or contact:

Jill Gilliland

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