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Medford, Oregon is the largest city in the region encompassing Southern Oregon and Northern California. As a hub for commerce, travel, and health care, the city of Medford offers fine dining, shopping, and acts as a stage where the vibrant culture of the area can convene. With a blossoming wine industry and access to some of the Pacific Northwest’s best wildlife, Medford has become a destination for those who wish to enjoy the pristine environment surrounding the city while still be able to access the comforts that come along with proximity to urban development. The downtown area is a confluence of parks, libraries, and the Vogel Plaza which hosts the Art in Bloom festival every year, an opportunity for many of the local artists to exhibit their work. Medford is truly a place where individuals seeking a laid back lifestyle can thrive in a comfortable environment.




Southern Oregon Pediatrics is one of the premier pediatric facilities in Medford, Oregon, the largest city in the North California and South Oregon regions. Its quality staff is dedicated to improving the lives of the patients it sees. As a community oriented practice in a down to earth city, the health care professionals at Southern Oregon Pediatrics value their relationships with their patients, as they are part of the same neighborhoods as their patients. Its friendly staff works hard to provide excellent care but also take time to enjoy the finer aspects of a Pacific Northwest lifestyle.

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