Kansas City Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Openings at Mercy Children’s Hospital

Family and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Jobs - Kansas City, Missouri

Recently, I visited Mercy Children’s Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. I was thrilled to find a state of the art, beautifully designed, child centered hospital. I have seen a lot of growth in children’s hospitals lately and Mercy is definitely a leader. I spoke with Sue, the Nursing Manager of the Oncology Unit. She is an amazing leader who describes herself as a resource for the nursing staff. She helps people solve their problems with the understanding that she cannot fix everything but will do all she can to provide the resources that are available. She was confident that the extensive resources of the hospital yielded confident, effective, team orientated, and competent staff. The nursing staff and Nurse Practitioners I met were very friendly and positive.

Sue enthusiastically described a case management model for NP’s. Patients work with their NP from start all the way through their treatment and follow-ups. Many of the NP’s work 4 -10’s and are teamed up with a peer to have consistent care on off days. NP’s have the opportunity to do research.

Housing is still affordable with many desirable areas with your choice of styles. You can find quality new homes to fantastic homes from earlier architectural styles. Salaries are very competitive with attractive reimbursement for call.

The leadership in pediatric cancer and blood disorders speaks for itself. Children's Mercy leads a four-state Hemophilia Treatment Center network and is a leader in Missouri's sickle cell network. The hospital plays a lead role in an international consortium of hospitals that performs pediatric blood and marrow transplants. With physicians and nursing staff who have individual expertise in different subspecialties and access to the hospitals more than 40 subspecialty areas, we maintain the most comprehensive programs in the region. The hepa-filtered unit - with 25 private rooms, a play room and a parent room - allows movement within the unit without masks and sets the standard for facility design.

There are three jobs available at this time for either Family Nurse Practitioner or Pediatric Nurse Practitioner:

1.Bone Marrow Transplant Pediatric Nurse Practitioner- this is an inpatient/outpatient role. The number of patients in the BMT unit will determine how much time is spend in inpatient or outpatient.

2.Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in the Hemophilia Center has a multi-disciplinary team approach used for management and comprehensive evaluations. The PNP is engaged in case management on an outpatient and inpatient basis.

3. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in the Inpatient Hematology/Oncology Case Management

For more information on these jobs or other opportunities please give Jill Gilliland a call at 800.886.7906 or email jill@melnic.com

Jill Gilliland

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