Pediatric Cardiac Care Jobs | PNP, PA, Nurse Leaders

Melnic Consulting Group is proud to sponsor and participate in the 2014 Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society Conference in Miami Beach, FL.  Melnic is the leading nationwide recruitment firm specializing in the placement of Pediatric NPs, PAs, CNSs and  Nurse Leaders.  Please contact us to learn more about Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care job opportunities or talk to with about hiring Pediatric Advanced Practice Providers and Nurse Leaders in Cardiac Care.

Explore Pediatric Cardiac Care Jobs:

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Cardiac Care Jobs
PNP, CCU, Philadelphia PA 
PNP, Cardiology Inpatient, Dallas, TX 
PNP, Cardiology, Seattle, WA
PNP, CVICU, Seattle, WA
PNP, CVICU, San Diego, CA 
PNP, CVICU, Cincinnati, OH 
PNP, CVICU, Durham, NC 
PNP, CVICU, Kansas City, MO 
PNP, Heart Transplant, Kansas City, MO 
PNP, Electrophysiology, Kansas City, MO

Pediatric Physician Assistant Cardiac Care Jobs
Pediatric PA, Cardiology, Dallas, TX 
Pediatric PA, CVICU, Seattle, WA 
Pediatric PA, PICU & CVICU, Houston, TX
Pediatric PA, CVICU, Tampa, FL  

Pediatric Nurse Manager Jobs in Cardiac Care
Pediatric Nurse Manager, CVICU - Northwest Region 
Pediatric Nurse Manager, PICU  - Northwest Region

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Clinical Nurse Specialist Job in Cardiac Care

Pediatric CNS, CVICU, Houston, TX

To inquire about these jobs visit Melnic Consulting Group or contact: Jill Gilliland 800-886-7906 jill@melnic.com

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