Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Insurance - Employer vs Individual Coverage

PNP Insurance - Do I need individual malpractice/liability insurance?

It is important to ask your future or current employer whether or not you will be covered under the practice’s or hospital’s malpractice insurance plan.  If so, you must find out the following information:

  • What are the limits of liability?
  • Are there any exclusions (i.e. negligence)?
  • Is the policy enforced 24 hours a day/7 days per week?
  • Does the policy cover out of pocket expenses  (i.e. lost wages to attend court hearings, depositions, meetings with attorneys, etc)?
  • Does coverage continue if you are no longer employed with that practice or organization? (i.e. Is there tail coverage?)

However, as a pediatric nurse practitioner, carrying your own malpractice policy can protect you by providing assistance in preparation for a deposition, paying for your defense and working to settle a judgment against you.

Should you consider individual malpractice/liability insurance?  

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