CDC-letting nurses down, will they do the right thing

CDC-letting nurses down, will they do the right thing
Professional Organization Support for Nursing
Thank you! I appreciate and agree with your feedback related to supporting nurses. This was posted on our Facebook page late this afternoon:

"At this difficult time, we offer our support to the nurses, and health care team members at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and hope that the two nurses who became infected with Ebola make a full recovery.

What’s needed most now is clear guidance from the CDC to help nurses provide the best patient care and protect them and their health care team colleagues. 

That’s why ANA will continue to press the CDC to revise current recommendations to align with the more stringent WHO recommendations that are currently used by organizations experienced in caring for Ebola patients."

We have a large team working on this and have been sharing information with our members for several weeks. Today we spoke to the CDC about the need for more stringent guidelines related to PPE equipment. We will continue to work with CDC, other federal agencies, and national nursing organizations to provide clear guidance for health care workers. 

Also ANA leadership has been interviewed on several national media outlets, including CNN, ABC, and NBC. We hope to be highlighting these interviews on our website soon. 

Again, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me! Please stay in touch and let me know if you have additional feedback or suggestions. 


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