Benefits of Acute Care Certification for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

Increasing numbers of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners are deciding to pursue certification in their respective fields.  To sit for the ACPNP certification exam, one must be a licensed RN and have completed their MSN from an accredited pediatric nurse practitioner program.  Certification is the next step in the career progression that offers validation that a nurse practitioner has the knowledge, expertise and competency to provide the best possible care available to their pediatric patients and their families.  The certified ACPNP has a sense of confidence, accomplishment and enhanced credibility with this professional achievement and becoming certified demonstrates their commitment to continued professional growth and lifelong learning.  Certified ACPNPs are more marketable and are more likely to be hired over a non-certified candidate with similar qualifications.  Certification offers many opportunities for recognition from employers and other health care professionals as the certified ACPNP continues to pursue professional nursing excellence in their careers.  The following links provide more information about the many benefits of acute care certification.

The Benefits or Certification - PNCB
Pediatric Nurses Value Certification

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