PNP Job Interview - How to Say “Thank You”

When pursuing new PNP job opportunities, taking a short time to compose an articulate, hand-written thank you note is a small investment in your Pediatric Advanced Practice Nursing job search that will have a big payoff.  Send your note as soon as possible following the PNP interview.  Keep it brief, thanking the interviewer for their time and the opportunity meet with them, expressing your continuing interest in the position and offering to send any additional information or references they may need to consider your qualifications.  Always use professional stationery, blue or black ink, and have a plan for what you want to say before you start writing to avoid mistakes on the actual thank you note.  In this day and age of emailing and social media communication, the applicant who takes time to send a professional hand-written note will definitely get noticed and be remembered for their courtesy.  You can access more valuable information on PNP job interview thank you letters here.

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