How to Compare Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Job Offers

Whether you are a PNP new grad or an experienced pediatric nurse practitioner, searching for a PNP job presents you with an opportunity to expand your horizons and explore your options.
Most people consider making a change for the following reasons:
  • To find a first PNP job
  • To find a better work environment
  • To find a better location either for climate, opportunity, or to be closer to family and friends
  • To care for a different or specific population of patients
  • In order to relocate for a spouse or partner’s job
  • To find a better PNP job opportunity or career advancement
  • Unemployment or concern for the security of their present position or stability of the company/institution
Start your PNP job search by creating a road map of where you want to go. We recommend addressing some key questions which you can find here.

This Decision Making Tool – Comparing PNP Job Offers, is a great resource to assist you in evaluating and comparing your pediatric nursing job opportunities. Utilize the Decision Making Tool to consider elements such as pay, relocation, CMEs, days off, location, etc.    

Melnic Consulting Group is here to assist you with your pediatric advanced practice job search.  For help with your PNP resume, email our resume expert - it's free!

To inquire about these jobs visit Melnic Consulting Group or contact: Jill Gilliland 800-886-7906 jill@melnic.com

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