Pediatric Long Term Care Needs on the Rise

New opportunities for Advanced Practice Nurses continue to emerge, particularly in the area of Pediatric Long Term Care.  While the focus has historically been on long term care for older/geriatric patients, little consideration has been given to the increasing numbers of pediatric patients with long term care or end of life medical needs.  These medically fragile children have chronic,  complex conditions resulting from premature birth, birth defects, infection, surgery or trauma that require ongoing exceptional care.  Many are technology dependent.  

Nurse Practitioners, particularly those with their acute care certification, are finding rewarding opportunities working with these children, not only in free-standing care centers, but in the many children’s hospitals that are creating inpatient/outpatient programs that provide care for these patients when they no longer require acute care in the NICU or PICU.   Read “Pediatric Long-Term Care…Long Overdue” for a comprehensive description of the need for pediatric LTC and the growing opportunities for Nurse Practitioners in this specialty.

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