Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Networking Tips

Outreach Guidelines for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

When looking for a PNP career opportunity, networking is the best place to start.  Approaching contacts may involve attending meetings of your local NAPNAP Chapter, writing letters or emails to previous professors or employers, making telephone calls, or having lunch with key contacts.  Set a specific goal for each call or visit.  Decide which of the following you can reasonably expect from that individual:

 •A referral to an employer
 •Information about their organization or another employer
 •Open positions within their organization, or they have heard about
 •Advice on your search
 •Names of other individuals to contact

Your first outreach may simply be to inform the person that you are seeking a new position. Follow up later, after the contact has had time to consider how he or she might help, using one of the approaches mentioned earlier.  For more ideas on approaching your PNP networking contacts Click Here.

The NAPNAP Career Guide offers free access to PNP Career Resources. 

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