Training Veterans to be Physician Assistants

There are many current initiatives in place that support our veterans as they leave military service, transition to civilian life and search for employment.  Veterans who have health care training and experience are perfect candidates for careers as Physician Assistants.  Educational opportunities for these veterans to pursue PA training and education are being enhanced by government programs from the Health and Human Services Department by awarding grants to colleges and universities that have Physician Assistant training programs and recognize the medical training and experience of their applicants.  The goal is to increase the number of Physician Assistants in the United States to help meet our country’s healthcare provider shortage, particularly in primary care, while supporting those veterans who have sacrificed so much for us.

The first Physician Assistants were four U.S. Navy corpsmen that graduated from the Duke University’s PA program that was started in 1965.  Today, PAs provide routine diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative care -  taking histories, conducting physical exams, ordering/interpreting lab tests and x-rays, making diagnoses, prescribing, developing plans of care and treating minor injuries that require suturing, splinting or casting.  Essentially, they provide about 75% of the same services provided by a physician, but they are required to have physician supervision.
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Looking for a Pediatric Physician Assistant Job Opportunity? 

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