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Melnic Consulting Group was honored to co-sponsor the 6th Annual NAPNAP Student Reception
with PNCB.  The PNP student reception is given in honor of our most valuable resources - our future PNPs at every level of education - masters through doctoral.  In honor of NAPNAPs 40th Anniversary, we honor the faculty and preceptors who guide and mentor PNP students.  It is exciting to see so many PNP students participating in the NAPNAP conference and we are confident that the current PNP students will become NAPNAP leaders in the future.  The student reception was made possible through the generous support of the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB) and Melnic Consulting Group - Leader in Pediatric Nurse Placement.  The highlight of the reception and the NAPNAP conference was the release of the new NAPNAP Career Guide that is now available at www.napnapcareerguide.com.

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Melnic Consulting Group partnered with NAPNAP to develop the new NAPNAP Career Guide that is comprised of valuable and rich content for PNPs throughout the longevity of their careers.  “We believe that PNPs and NPs will find the NAPNAP career guide to be extremely useful at all stages of their careers.  It is very user friendly and filled with career development tools, tips for interviewing, sample resumes, and much more.  If you are looking for a new PNP job opportunity, be sure to click over to Melnic Consulting Group to view nationwide PNP job listings.”  - Jill Gilliland, President, Melnic Consulting Group. 

To inquire about PNP jobs visit Melnic Consulting Group or contact: Jill Gilliland 800-886-7906 jill@melnic.com

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