NAPNAP Career Resource Guide Goes Live

It’s official…the NAPNAP Career Resource Guide is Now Live!

The National Association of Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) partnered with Melnic Consulting Group to bring you a brand new Nurse Practitioner (NP) Career Resource Guide dedicated to developing your nursing career and providing you with the tools to succeed along your personal and professional advanced practice nursing path.

The new Career Resource Guide refers to PNPs in most sections, but the information applies to all types of nurse practitioners (NPs) in all practice and clinical settings and should be an indispensable resource for NPs across the continuum of their careers.

For new graduate Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, the NAPNAP Career Resource Guide will assist your preparation for obtaining certification, securing your first PNP position, obtaining your DEA number, and successfully obtaining credentialing and privileging.  You will also find examples of helpful tools such as a curriculum vitae, cover letter, performance appraisals and templates of sample employment contracts. Not only will it assist you as you establish yourself in your career, it will provide the tools necessary for you to grow in your career.

For the experienced PNP, this resource will facilitate your continued successes and expand your professional development. Several NAPNAP (National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners) members contributed their expertise to establish a comprehensive resource inclusive of reimbursement issues, productivity and outcome measures.

Visit the NAPNAP Career Resource Guide today to access useful information such as:

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