Pediatric Nursing Resume and CV Tips

According to the famous saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This is true for your resume as well.  Organization, content, and structure are the keys to a successful pediatric nursing resume. 

For pediatric nurses, a resume not only documents your accomplishments, experiences and skills; it will speak for you when you cannot be there to speak for yourself.  Professionalism, clarity, and well thought out information will communicate these traits about you, and help you get the interview.
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Answers to common questions:

Should I have a resume or a CV? 
If you’ve been a pediatric nurse longer than 5 years we highly recommend a CV to highlight your experience, education, research, publications, grants, honors, and professional development.
View Sample Pediatric Nursing CV

Should my resume only be one page? 
No, in the nursing profession most nurses engage in a multitude of areas of professional development that is difficult to showcase on only one page.  It is important to show the hospital environment you work for in terms of acuity, number of beds and patient population.  You will also need enough space to highlight your work experience in terms of accomplishments, procedures, and professional development.  See our sample pediatric nursing resume 

Our nursing resume specialists are here to help you with your resume – no fee involved.  Please call us at (800) 886-7906 or email us to set up a time to review your resume. 

Stay tuned for more pediatric nursing resume tips!
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