Pediatric Advanced Practice Nursing - Career Planning

End of Summer Career Planning Tip:  Set aside an hour or so this week to think about what you have accomplished throughout the first half of 2012.  Update your resume to include those accomplishments as part of your long term career plan and preparation for your pediatric nursing future.   

Here are some things to think about as you partake in this exercise:Have you attend or presented at any pediatric nursing conferences?
Have you created any learning modules in your work environment? 
Have you attended any pediatric nursing seminars or acquired any CMEs? 
Have you participated in or led any projects or committees at work? 
Have you taken a leadership role in your hospital or clinic? 
Have you been involved at the state or local level for Advanced Practice Nursing advocacy?

If you said yes to any of the above, or you happen to think of any other work related accomplishments, add it to your resume!  These are all phenomenal ways to put you above the job search competition. 

Whether or not you are ready to make a job change, it’s is best to invest the time now, so you’re prepared for your future in advanced practice pediatric nursing.

Need help with your resume or would like some advanced practice career coaching?  Contact Jill@melnic.com.  We're happy to help you plan for your future at no cost. 

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