Importance of a PNP Orientation Program

New Pediatric Nurse Practitioners are transitioning from an RN role to a PNP role that involves a whole new level of decision making and responsibilities.  With this transition, new PNPs very often experience feelings of decreased confidence, anxiety and frustration.  To help the PNP through this critical transition it is extremely important for the PNP to go through an orientation program that will guide them through the process and offer support during this time of uncertainty.  The program should offer new PNPs time to do outside learning and knowledge based training before transitioning to an independent full patient load.  It takes 4-12 months for this transition for specialty care PNPs.

As a new PNP, a clearly defined and structured orientation program is something you should look for when considering a new pediatric nurse practitioner job and a new pediatric healthcare facility.  Be sure to ask extensive questions about the PNP orientation process when interviewing with a potential new employer.  Some questions to ask include: 
  • Is there a PNP Orientation Coordinator?
  • Do you assign new PNPs a mentor?  (Ideally a PNP or physician from a different department)
  • Do you provide coaching and support?
  • Is there a clear understanding of the PNP scope of practice and role across all team members?
  • Do you provide procedural and didactic guidance?
  • Are there job-shadowing and training opportunities? 
These are valid and appropriate questions to ask a potential employer.  A PNP orientation program is extremely important to your success, confidence, and comfort in your new role.  If an employer does not currently have an orientation program, but recognizes the importance of instating a new process, do not write them off.  If they are open to developing a program, this may be your big chance to be on the founding team of their new PNP orientation process.  There is an industry wide recognition for the need of PNP orientation programs, and assisting in the development and implementation of a new program could be a huge resume booster.   

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