New Cancer Drug Development for Kids

Great News!  President Obama signed a bill this week called The Creating Hope Act that provides pharmaceutical companies with an incentive to research and develop drugs for rare diseases such as childhood cancers.  Essentially a voucher is granted for speedy approval of these types of drugs and will be reviewed prior to other drugs that have been submitted to the FDA. 

At least 50 new adult cancer drugs have been approved in recent years, while very few exist for the treatment of childhood cancers.  Adult cancers are more prevalent that childhood cancers, which makes the treatment drugs more lucrative for pharmaceutical companies to develop and distribute.  The Creating Hope Act aims to encourage new development through the incentive voucher. 

Nancy Goodman, a notable advocate for the bill, and founder of Kids v. Cancer, told ABC News, “I don’t think the American public realizes how devastating pediatric cancer is,” she said. “It’s far worse than any other adult cancer. There’s something unfair and unjust about the death of a child.”  Nancy lost her 10 year old son to a rare form of brain cancer 4 years ago.

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 Reference:  ABC News

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