Children’s Emergency Care Evaluation

North Carolina has made it a priority to evaluate the care of children in their regional emergency departments.  According to an article published by the Winston-Salem Journal, a $900,000 federal grant was issued to aid in the evaluation and 13 NC hospitals will participate in the study.  The effort is led by the Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. 

A lack of appropriate equipment, training, and treatment has been identified when tending to the care of children outside of pediatric trauma centers or pediatric emergency departments.  Dr. Wayne Meredith, executive director of the Childress Institute says that “in too many instances, children are treated like small adults in non-pediatric trauma centers or in the children's units of adult hospitals.”

Every year millions of children are brought to community hospital emergency departments rather than children’s hospitals.  Children require unique and special care, especially in a life-threatening emergency situation.  The goal of the evaluation is to develop standardized guidelines and resources that are then implemented in emergency departments that tend to the care of children in emergency circumstances. 

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