PNP Resume Reviews, Tips, and Tactics from an Expert

PNP new grads at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, TX will receive a leg-up in the job-market this spring.  Melnic Consulting Group’s, Sharla Jackson - Candidate Manager, and expert on PNP resumes, will review the resumes of the upcoming PNP graduating class, and provide tips, tactics, and industry insight to help prepare them for today’s job market.  Sharla has reviewed over 3,000 advanced practice nursing resumes and has both the eye and the insight to pinpoint exactly what employers are looking for, in a candidate’s resume. 

Working on your resume?  Utilize this Sample PNP Resume to help you get started! 

PNP Resume Tip of the Day:  It is important to clearly list all procedures/units from your RN experience and PNP clinicals that would be valuable in helping you obtain the job you desire. For example, if you have work experience in a Med-Surg unit that did Hem-Onc, and you want to work in Hem-Onc as a PNP, then quantify by listing the percentage of patients that were Hem-Onc, the number of beds in the unit, and any procedures you performed that were either Hem-Onc-related or could translate.
  • It is also important to utilize bold fonts and bullets to make each position stand out.
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