Loretta Ford, NAPNAP Conference, San Antonio, TX

Loretta Ford at NAPNAP 2012
Loretta Ford, NP, EdD, FAAN, delivered an inspirational and fascinating speech at this year’s NAPNAP Conference in San Antonio, TX.  Attending the Loretta Ford Past President’s Dinner in her honor at the age of 90, Loretta Ford is widely known and acclaimed for beginning the nurse practitioner movement more than 40 years ago.  There are now 140,000 practicing Nurse Practitioner in the United States.  View pictures from the Loretta Ford Dinner, NAPNAP 2012

Ford, who was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame last year, has graduate degrees in nursing and a Doctorate in Education from the University of Colorado.  She was also certified as a Public Health Nurse. Learn more about Loretta Ford

Ford says “Nurse practitioners have become embedded in every aspect of healthcare” and have “transformed the profession.”  Nurse practitioners have the ability to assess, diagnose, treat and evaluate and are allowed to have independent practices in many U.S. States. 

Jill Gilliland, CEO of Melnic Consulting Group, says “It was truly an honor to have Loretta Ford at NAPNAP 2012 in San Antonio, TX.  She is a remarkable woman who paved the way for Nurse Practitioners nationwide.”  

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