Childhood Obesity, NAPNAP 2012

Chris Wagner, PNP, from Children's Medical Center of Dallas, presents her poster at the NAPNAP 2012 Conference in San Antonio, TX. As a certified asthma educator in the pulmonary department, Ms. Wagner describes her research on improving children’s eating habits and how to help them make better nutritional snack choices.  This is a timely topic that ties closely with NAPNAP’s preconference event focused on childhood obesity.  This educational event was held in response to the nationwide epidemic and call for action by First Lady Michelle Obama to address this pressing issue throughout our Nation.  Currently 1 in 3 children in America are overweight or obese.   

Chris Wagner, PNP, is on the board of Camp Broncho, an asthma camp for kids, located in North Texas.  In this interview by Melnic Consulting Group, learn how Camp Broncho began to teach kids healthy eating habits and will strive to educate future campers on nutritional snack selections for a healthier lifespan.   
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