Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Orientation Program

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Orientation Program

I recently read "Orientation Program for Hospital-Based Nurse Practitioners", published in the AACN Advanced Critical Care Volume 20, Number 1, pp.82–90,2009, by Mona N. Bahouth, MSN, CRNP Mary Beth Esposito-Herr, RN, PhD. It was a great article with helpful tables supporting an intentional orientation program for new NPs. The article illustrated University of Maryland's approach to orientation. One of the recommendations is the use of a CD that includes links to forms, schedules, and hospital resources to access information required to become credentialed at the hospital and begin practicing. Another recommendation includes assigning a preceptor to the NP to train, be a resource, give feedback, and function as a liaison between the physician’s expectations and NPs readiness for a full patient load. The hospital also assigned an experienced and trained mentor NP who works in a different unit to meet regularly with the NP for the first year.

Many hospitals are redesigning their NP orientation programs to decrease the costs associated with an extended orientation time and increase the outcome for retention and success of the NP in the practice setting.

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