Accountable Care Organizations

Health Care Models: Accountable Care Organizations, Medical Homes
In Kaiser Healthcare News

Nov 30, 2010

Kansas Health Institute News Service examines accountable care organizations (ACOs): "In an effort to combat the lack of coordination that is widely recognized as a major shortcoming of the current health system, the new federal health reform law includes provisions intended to encourage wider use of Accountable Care Organizations or ACOs." Via Christi Health and Advantra Total Care will launch an "ACO-like model" in Kansas. Under the plan, Via Christi Vice President Janell Moerer said, enrollees "will undergo a 'wellness screening' that will be used to create a plan for their 'getting and staying healthy'" and be assigned a "navigator." Other Kansas groups are "also are assembling ACO-like plans" including ProviDRs Care Network (Ranney, 11/29).

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