2010 NAPNAP Conference in Chicago

2010 NAPNAP Conference in Chicago Melnic Consulting Group Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

The 2010 NAPNAP Conference in Chicago was well-organized, dynamic and had a plethora of high-quality topics. We enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Dinners out gave us the opportunity to chat with our friends who were Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and enjoy the great food and skyline of Chicago. Here are some of the conference highlights:
- NAPNAP has worked hard to educate and encourage members to embrace advocacy and the issues that affect their scope of practice, reimbursement, autonomy and most of all the quality and access of heath care for children.
- NAPNAP had a number of acute care topics at the conference and plans to increase the topics to at least one acute care topic per session next year.
- The Acute Care SIG Group at NAPNAP includes Pediatric Nurse Practitioners working in inpatient units and is not limited to those people working in ICU’s.
- NAPNAP had the largest attendance ever at the Chicago 2010 Conference including a large number of Pediatric Nurse Practitioner students.
- We all enjoyed Melnic Consulting Group’s Wine and Cheese Event on Thursday night to thank PNP’s and Professors of PNP programs for all of their hard work and dedication.
- NAPNAP has worked hard on the “Healthy Eating and Activity Together" (HEAT) Program to improve child health through culturally appropriate interventions that enhance the family's ability to achieve the ideal balance between nutrition and physical activity to support optimal growth and wellness.

Melnic Consulting Group was pleased to be part of the NAPNAP Conference in Chicago and we are looking forward to the 2011 conference in Baltimore. As sponsors for the last three years, we continue to be proud sponsors of this event.

We would like to announce the winner of the 32 GM IPOD Touch and Speakers to Ann Felauer! Congratulations Ann!!!

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