NAPNAP Fly In Day Washington DC

Fly In Day Washington DC Get's a Visit From NAPNAP

I am thrilled to be participating in the annual NAPNAP Fly In on March 15th and 16th, 2010. This will be an outstanding learning experience.

NAPNAP has done a great job organizing a day for nurse practitioners and those affiliated with the nursing healthcare industry to fly in and meet their congress person.

The guiding principles of NAPNAP’s health policy agenda are to:

-Improve the health of children through federal legislation and regulation so that all children have access to comprehensive, continuous, family-centered coordinated, compassionate, and culturally effective care, including mental health services, promotes healthy lifestyles
-Remove barriers to pediatric nurse practitioner practice in all health care settings
-Increased commitment to national and grassroots advocacy and dedication to supporting members’ development as advocates

NAPNAP’s Health Policy Committee has identified the following goals for focused advocacy and strategic partnerships that support NAPNAP’s mission and respond to important contemporary health policy issues:

Goal #1 Improve children’s health through support and direct advocacy on the following issues:

-Preventing childhood overweight and obesity through policies that support strategies to promote healthy nutrition and physical activity levels.
-Increasing the awareness of pediatric pain management issues.
-Ensuring that all children have access to a pediatric primary care provider such as a nurse practitioner or a physician.
-Raising awareness about children’s mental health and emotional problems and the great need for access to mental health services.
-Encouraging development of more quality indicators focused on the health care of children.
-Supporting full funding of Medicaid and SCHIP programs.
-Increasing awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding
-Increasing vaccination rates among children through improved access and education
-Promoting oral health, caries screening and oral health coverage

Goal #2 Promote access to Nurse Practitioners through support and direct advocacy on the following issues:

-Recognizing nurse practitioners as leaders of medical homes.
-Promoting increased funding for advanced practice registered nurse education and development of faculty.
-Expanding coverage and reimbursement by governmental and commercial payers for services provided by nurse practitioners.
-Ensuring nurse practitioners are permitted to participate in any federal grant programs aimed at increasing the use of health information technology and electronic medical records.
-Promoting access to a pediatric primary care provider such as a nurse practitioner or a physician for all children.

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