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The Society of Critical Care Medicine is doing a great job of providing insight to the medical situation in Haiti

and a first hand account by a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

It’s an island-wide problem…

27 Jan

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In touring hospitals in Santo Domingo, the effects of the disaster in Haiti are apparent. Elective surgeries have been canceled, the attention of intensivists has been diverted to the care of patients coming in from Haiti. Details of the impact on the Dominican citizens and hospital staff has been underappreciated; but it is apparent that everyone has been affected and all are doing the best during a time that is taxing the healthcare system to the fullest. See more... SCCM Blog

A Pediatric Nurse Practitioner who is over there now said,"Day 6 in Haiti, we are in Milot north of Port au Prince. Until today I was the only pediatric caring for 70-80 kids. the hospital is a70 bed hospital now taking earthquake victims. over 300 people. the school across the street from the hospital is a makeshift hospital. so many people with trauma injuries, amputations, etc. the US coastguard and the french heli them into the local soccer field."

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