Do I have to get a DNP?

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Gloria wrote 3 hours ago:
I am in a RN-BSN program, I will be done with it in June. Hopefully in the fall I will start the PNP program at University of Texas @ Arlington. Any advice that anyone has would be helpful.

I also saw on the Academy of Pediatric Nurse Practitioner's website that by 2015 you have to get your Ph.D. to get your PNP, is this true?

Gloria, good for you. You will not regret pursuing your PNP degree. My advice would be to make sure you work as a RN during the process. No matter how part time, it is crucial to build your clinical experience to help you get a job. I also recommend working in a peds unit or units that you think you might want to work in when you graduate. If you know for sure that you want to do primary care pediatrics then you would want to work in an ambulatory unit that includes doing history and physicals. For specialty care, a great unit to get experience in is Med Surg. If you know you want critical care work in the PICU or CICU not the NICU unless you are becoming a NNP. If you know you want Hem Onc then work in that unit, BMT, or Nuero oncology.

In 2015 they are not requiring a PH D but a DNP. According to the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners," It is important that NPs who will be practicing beyond 2015 be aware of the potential changes in practice regulation. (if you already have your MSN and PNP certificate) Rather than enrolling in a complete program of study for the DNP, NPs may choose options for grandfathering that may be offered."

According to Geraldine Polly Bednash, PhD, RN, FAAN in a presentation to NAPNAP, " A transition period be planned to provide nurses with master’s degrees (MSN), who wish to obtain the practice doctoral degree (DNP), a mechanism to earn a practice doctorate in a relatively streamlined fashion with credit given for previous graduate study and practice experience."

Please see the full document on my web site, click on Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and DNP requirements. It was created by the Nurse Practitioner Roundtable (June, 2008). Nurse Practitioner DNP Education, Certification and Titling: A Unified Statement. Washington, DC: Author The Nurse Practitioner Roundtable is a coalition of nurse practitioner organizations formed to collaborate, unify, and address issues of importance to nurse practitioners. The Nurse Practitioner Roundtable is currently composed of the organizations listed on the statement.

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