Critical Care Beds Demand Pediatric Nursing

Growing Demands for Critical Care Beds and Recommendations for more Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

In the Dallas area, children’s hospitals frequently transport pediatric patients to open critical care beds due to full capacity in the pediatric ICUs.

For that reason, “we need more ICU beds,” John O’Neill, CEO of Medical City Children’s Hospital, said. “That’s why Children’s (Medical Center in Dallas) is expanding downtown — and we’re expanding here as well to help meet that need.”

According to the “Dallas Business Journal,” “the pediatric population nationwide is expected to grow by 1% by 2012.” In North Texas, “It is growing at six times the national average, increasing the demand for pediatric services,” O’Neill said. In Plano, the pediatric population is expected to grow by more than 20% in the next three years. The demand for pediatric critical care services seems to exceed the growth of the population.” This could be due to the increase in pediatric surgical cases resulting from an increase in pediatric surgical specialists by nearly 24% in the last decade. more...

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