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We have exciting news. The NAPNAP Community, a social networking platform for members, is available for you to network online with your NAPNAP colleagues at www.napnap.org. The new Community features an interactive Member Directory, eGroups and Resource Library.

Use the Member Directory to upload your photo, biography, certifications and job history. The best part is you control how much information is viewable to members.

Going forward you may now communicate with your fellow SIG members using the eGroups feature instead of using the list server. You may post messages, reply to the entire group, and share documents by uploading them to the resource library and more. An FAQ has been posted to the online community to get you familiar with the new social networking site. Read the FAQ online.

To access the Member Directory, eGroups and Resource Library:

1. Login at www.napnap.org with your Member Number and Password and click on Community Profile.
2. You will see a link to your SIG(s) under the Groups section (just below My Contacts). Click on your SIG. You will see a listing of members in your SIG.
3. To access the entire eGroup, click on the “View the eGroup” link.
4. To post a message select “Post New Message”
5. Subscribe to the eGroup by selecting your notification preferences for the eGroup (Note: you will only be asked to do this one time per eGroup)
6. Click Save
7. Post your message
If you wish to add a document to the resource library select the “View the Library” link after you select your SIG eGroup. Once you are logged into the library select “Add a Document” and upload your document from your computer and save it.

Have fun and build your network today! Login to www.napnap.org. Any questions regarding the NAPNAP Community can be directed to info@napnap.org.

Thank you,
NAPNAP National Office

To inquire about jobs visit Melnic Consulting Group or contact:

Jill Gilliland

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