Hiring a PNP -Salaries, Structure, and Profitability

Hiring a PNP, Salaries, Structure, and Profitability

The PNP Advantage: Guidelines for Hiring a PNP

Why Hire a PNP?

You want to expand care, increase patient satisfaction and control costs. It sounds like mission impossible-but there is a solution: make Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (PNPs) part of your care team.

PNPs practice in a variety of settings: ambulatory, HMOs, private practices, specialty clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms, schools, home care, rural and underserved areas.

The following example of two private practice models illustrate the benefits of adding PNPs to the clinician team. They are equally compelling in most care settings. For our models, we'll assume the Pediatricians have an annual salary of $120,000, while the Pediatric Nurse Practitioners have an annual salary of $60,000. See the discussion of typical salaries below.

Practice X: Four Pediatricians, each seeing 25 patients per day. Total patients per day: 100. Total salaries: $480,000.

Practice Y: Two Pediatricians and four Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, each seeing 20 patients per day. Total patients per day: 120. Total salaries: $480,000.

Which practice will have the highest patient satisfaction and most extensive hours?
Which practice will have the lowest per-patient provider cost?
Which practice will have the better cash flow and strongest bottom line?
Which practice will allow the Pediatricians to see the most interesting cases, and yet be less time-stressed?
You know our answer-but why not ask one of the many Pediatricians who have taken their practices to the next level by collaborating with PNPs? For example:

"Having Pediatric Nurse Practitioners is a win-win-win situation: our patients love them, they provide outstanding care and they are cost effective for our practice." -Doug Olk, MD, Department of Pediatrics, Medical Associates Clinic, Dubuque, IA.


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