Graduate Nursing School Tips

Graduate Nursing School Tips!

Here is advice from a seasoned CNS. Thanks Beth!!!

I have been an CNS for years, but am back in school for the ACNP/DNP. I have
several suggestions:

Maintain a portable calendar put all your major due dates on it -if it's
something that needs to be turned in put it on there. I usually build mine
at the first of the semester on my pda.

I also keep a weekly calendar on a desk blotter. At the first of the
semster I sit down and date thru the end of semster and put the big stuff on
it but this really for the details. As I finish labeling pages I make on
last page for course evaluation comments. This is where I write down my
weekly reading assignments so I can check off as I read. work schedule [just
a big w for work on the days I need to be there]. I can write additional
notes on this and tear off weeks as I finish and trow them away. Makes me
feel like I am accomplishing something. If I am having trouble remembering a
concept I will write it on the blotter [sometimes for several weeks] until I
get it. If I have a thought about a paper Iave to write in 3 weeks I flip
to that page and make a note [you can do this on your pda too - I go between
the too].

We use Harrisions Internal Medicine. It is very small print, concentrated
text. It takes me forever to read a page and absorb it. However, I have
found if I use a magnifying glass to read it with, I read much faster.

Find out if there are any little books you can read [and practice if
necessary] ahead of time. For instance, we had to read Dubins 12 lead EKG
[for 2 classes] and a radiology book. I had my books weeks ahead of time, but
did not go ahead and read them. My life would have been much easier if I
had taken that opportunity.

If you find a great chart as you are reading or great information, put it in
a word document and save it in a pda file. Once a month [week whatever]
upload those files to your pda. {there is a way to do it for iPhones too -
but I hear the 3.0 version of iPhone OS due out this summer will let you do
it without additional software]

If you have deep freezer, make some soups and dinners that you can put dish
into indiviual or family servings for a quick meal.

Be sure to schedule some time for yourself. Eat well, take your vitamins,
stay healthy.


Good Luck!

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