New Grads in Illinois Licensing

New Grads in Illinois- Practice with a Temporary Permit

With our new practice act, the ability to practice on a temporary permit or "license pending" in now possible in Illinois.

Below is the section from the nurse and advanced nurse practice act and the nursing rules (APN) that explains this, and attached is the process from the IL Division of Prof Regulations for temporary permit application (see page 4).

Please note that though you may practice license pending, you may not write prescriptions while under the temporary permit.

From the Nurse Practice Act
(225 ILCS 65/) Nurse Practice Act.

Sec. 65 10. APN license pending status.
(a) A graduate of an advanced practice nursing program may
practice in the State of Illinois in the role of certified
clinical nurse specialist, certified nurse midwife, certified nurse
practitioner, or certified registered nurse anesthetist for not
longer than 6 months provided he or she submits all of the following:
(1) An application for licensure as an advanced practice nurse in Illinois and all fees established by rule.
(3) Proof of completion of a graduate advanced practice
education program that allows the applicant to be eligible for
national certification in a clinical advanced practice nursing
speciality and that allows the applicant to be eligible for
licensure in Illinois in the area of his or her specialty.
(b) License pending status shall preclude delegation of prescriptive authority.
(c) A graduate practicing in accordance with this Section must use
the title "license pending certified clinical nurse specialist",
"license pending certified nurse midwife", "license pending certified
nurse practitioner", or "license pending certified registered nurse
anesthetist", whichever is applicable.
(Source: P.A. 95 639, eff. 10 5 07.)

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