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NAPNAP Conference

The evening cocktail parties have been affording us here at Melnic Consulting Group the chance to interact with many of the incredible people involved in the Health Care Community. Tonight we got a chance to sit down with two professors from University at Buffalo and chat about what keeps them going in today’s health care environment.
After a nice glass of wine and the relaxing atmosphere of San Diego took effect, our conversation took us towards what the essential element in a person is that wishes to make an impact in Pediatrics. With their long exposure to the health care world and after seeing many of their students become nurses, the two professors said that the most endearing quality in each of their students that they had taught was that they had a heart. By this, they explained, they meant that the students that were most successful as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in the Health Care Community were the ones who understand that the most important component in quality pediatric care not proficiency, but that the highest level proficiency can only be sustained by compassion.

As Melnic Consulting Group seeks to provide the highest quality candidates wherever they might be needed, we spent a great deal of time thinking about what our strategy was and how well we had followed the words of those two professors who had spent so long observing and participating in health care. After that, we realized that in order to remain a trusted name in the placement of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners around the United States by providing quality candidates to quality Children’s Hospitals and Clinics, we would have to look a little further past the resume and find people who shared our commitment to nursing excellence by focusing on what matters the most: the patient.

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