DNP Degree and MSN

Here is an update on programs that have DNP and eliminate the MSN

A word of caution for those of you whose programs are eliminating the MSN. If your graduates have a DNP degree only with any NP major, they will not be recognized to practice in Texas and in some other states. Texas requires that applicants must have graduated from an ACCREDITED program. Since there is no accreditation program for generic DNP, Texas will only recognize NP who have a post-MS DNP. For this reason, the Texas colleges and universities have agreed to only offer the post-MS DNP for nurse practitioners. This does not apply to CNM and CRNA because they have their own accreditation process and aren't dependent upon CCNE or NLNAC.

Please be sure to advise your students that they may not be able to practice outside of your state if they chose to move after completing their DNP-NNP.

Thanks to Frances Strodtbeck, DNS, RN, NNP-BC, FAAN
for this information

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