Connecticut Children's Hospital Opens New Inpatient Unit in Waterbury

Connecticut Children’s Opens New Inpatient Unit in Waterbury

After two years of planning and preparation, Connecticut Children’s rang in the New Year with the opening of the new Connecticut Children’s — Waterbury unit, located at Saint Mary’s Hospital in downtown Waterbury. Connecticut Children’s
— Waterbury is collaboration between the Medical Center, Waterbury Hospital and Saint Mary’s Hospital that unifies the pediatric departments of the two Waterbury-based hospitals with a 12-bed unit that is owned and operated by Connecticut Children’s.
The new arrangement allows the area’s current pediatric healthcare providers to remain an integral part of the delivery process while increasing their access to a wider array of pediatric subspecialty services offered by the Connecticut Children’s.
“This arrangement will allow our community physicians to continue to provide the excellent care they always have in the setting of a hospital unit that is now part of a larger children’s hospital,” said Jennifer Gannon, MD, who is medical director of the new unit.

“Instead of admitting their patients to either St. Mary’s Hospital or Waterbury Hospital, the physicians now admit their patients to Connecticut Children’s. Similarly, if a child is seen at the emergency department at either of the Waterbury hospitals and needs further care, they will be transferred to Connecticut Children’s and be directly admitted.”

The Medical Center’s presence in Waterbury has been welcomed with open arms by the area’s community pediatricians.

“In today’s day and age, pediatrics needs to draw from all fonts of knowledge and keeping our kids in this community with the expertise of subspecialties (from Connecticut Children’s) is a real treat, actually,” said Diane Fontas, MD, of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine in Waterbury, who was among a group of private pediatricians who participated in the planning process for the new unit. “From the pediatrician’s point of view, rather than sending kids out of town all the time, the affiliation should bring us more expertise right here in our community.”

The 12-bed unit was designed to look like a typical inpatient floor at Connecticut Children’s main campus in Hartford. “Everything from the linoleum on the floors to the paint on the walls is the same. Every effort has been made to mirror the look and feel that Connecticut Children’s is known for,” said Dr. Gannon. “These details create a child-friendly environment of bright colors and light and open spaces.”

The unit also features a play area and is stocked with age-appropriate games and toys, video game systems and portable DVD players and movies to make each child’s stay as comfortable as possible.

“Providing family-centered care is one of the core values of Connecticut Children’s,” said Deb Martin, RN, MS, nurse manager of the unit. “Partnering with the patients, parents and family, not only for medical care, but also to meet the emotional needs of the family is at the center of the care we provide at the unit.”

Richard A. Johnson, chief of the division of regional pediatrics for Connecticut Children’s will oversee the unit. In addition to Dr. Gannon and Deb Martin, a staff of 18 nurses, who were previously employed in the inpatient pediatric units at Saint Mary’s Hospital and Waterbury Hospital, are now part of the Connecticut Children’s team. The team also consists of three health-unit coordinators, one patient care assistant and six pediatric physician assistants who staff the unit 24 hours a day.

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